New Website

Dear billiard friends, during this difficult Coronavirus time, I decided to change my website. With the professional help of Alpay Üntürk and HodiWeb Design Agency, I can offer you a complete renewed website with a lot of new features. There are links to my Facebook and Instagram Pages and to my new YouTube Channel. Also a dynamic version of my achievements with filters and sorting. For example, you can easily find how many titles I’ve won in balkline 71/2 or what I’ve won in 2007 by a simple clic.


I am grateful to my sponsors and they received a special page in my website. Some recent videos and pictures will be published regularly. Also news about my tournaments or any other special event.

From June 2019, my career made a new start. I decided to play the PBA Tour. Professional Billiard Association, which organizes tournaments in Korea. New rules for the game (new break shot, 2 points for a bank shot) made the game more attractive. The PBA Tour has international companies as sponsors and gets a very important time on Korean TV. The tour will come to Europe in a near future. I am very proud to be part of it…

Most of the pictures I use on my website are free of use or put at my disposal by some friends photographers but if I use any picture with a copyright, please just tell me and I remove or mention your name. Thanks anyway to Hervé Lacombe, Jean-Philippe Parmentier, Longoni, Harry Van Nijlen, Danny Coen, and everybody else I forgot to mention…also Claudio Frigerio for the Longoni banners.

Thanks for your visit, please leave a comment under every news 🙂


  1. A good initiative Frederic for all who appreciate your game and your person. Thanks

  2. Bravo Maître CAUDRON, pour moi petit «billardeux» je me régale de vous voir jouer. Je suis secrétaire du club de Billard de Pau et vous compter beaucoup de fans parmi nos sociétaires


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